Twin Petrels Seltzer Co.

Crafted Seltzer Rise
Twin Petrels
Where every sip is a sophisticated craft experience.

In the heart of Buffalo, NY, the craft brewing culture thrives, but for Twin Petrels Seltzer Co., it was about charting new territories: giving seltzer the craft touch it rightfully deserved. Bridging the gap between the casual appeal of a brewery and the unique sophistication of seltzers, Twin Petrels aimed to redefine the seltzer experience - from fresh draft selections to intriguing seltzer-infused cocktails.

Twin Petrels wasn't just another seltzer brand. They established Buffalo's inaugural flagship seltzery, complemented by a diverse consumer-packaged line intended for expansive distribution across the region. Embracing this dual identity - a bustling physical location alongside an enticing product range - was a challenge Mr. Smith was eager to meet.

Our initial conversations with Twin Petrels highlighted a unique brand vision. While the Buffalo essence was undeniable, the brand sought a universal allure - an aesthetic that transcended geographical confines. The objective was clear: craft an identity that resonated elegance, minimalism, and approachability.

At Mr. Smith, our design approach merged a series of potent elements...

Drawing inspiration from serene water bodies and their textured environs, we opted for an earthy color palette that evoked calm and purity. The brand's logo was geometric yet organic, blending rounded edges with sharp, crisp lines to capture a contemporary yet timeless appeal. Further augmenting this identity was a set of abstract iconography, versatile enough to seamlessly blend into every facet of the brand's representation.

Translating this cohesive brand identity into tangible touchpoints, we undertook an array of deliverables. From designing the retail cans and on-premise keg rings to collateral designs, wayfinding, and bespoke merchandise, every element echoed Twin Petrels' distinct brand spirit. A pinnacle in our collaborative journey was the introduction of a microsite, which unveiled the Twin Petrels narrative, inviting enthusiasts to immerse in a seltzer experience unparalleled.

With Twin Petrels, the seltzer game has been irrevocably uplifted, and at Mr. Smith, we’re proud to have played a pivotal role in this seltzer revolution.