Human Touch in the Digital Age
Balancing warmth with tech-savvy professionalism.

As the digital landscape continued to evolve, so too did the expectations of landlords and property owners. RentPrep, known for its human-centric approach to tenant screening, found itself at a crossroads. While their hands-on methodology won the trust of many, there was a pressing need to blend this personal touch with the sophisticated polish of a tech-forward brand.

Our objective was crystal clear: Reinvigorate RentPrep's brand identity, ensuring it not only aligns with modern consumer demands but also sets a competitive benchmark against tech-first counterparts.

We started by dissecting the original creative components that had catapulted RentPrep to its initial success. It was essential to discern which elements continued to resonate with their audience and which were becoming relics of the past. The logo underwent a meticulous transformation, preserving the integrity of its iconic "check mark" but bidding farewell to certain cartoonish nuances. In its place emerged a logo that epitomized sleek professionalism, instilling immediate trust and credibility.

But a logo was just the beginning. An updated color palette was introduced, harmonizing the warmth and familiarity intrinsic to RentPrep's brand ethos with a fresh, modern aesthetic. This was augmented by a versatile set of icons, amplifying the brand's visual storytelling and diminishing the reliance on dated imagery. One of the pinnacles of this rebranding journey was a brand story video, meticulously crafted to spotlight the human essence of RentPrep, juxtaposed with its professional rigor.

The final touchstone in this transformative endeavor was a comprehensive website overhaul. Functioning as a digital storefront, it seamlessly integrated all the rejuvenated brand elements, providing an immersive, intuitive experience for users. The website was not just a platform but a testament to RentPrep's commitment to blending the best of human touch with the sleekness of the digital age.