One Roq Spirirts

Luxury Vodka Company with Membership Privileges
One Roq Spirits
Increasing investments and club membership through powerful brand messaging.

ONE ROQ Vodka Club is more than an award-winning spirit – it’s an experience. Founded in 2012, ONE ROQ has redefined American luxury vodka through brand ownership. Those who become club members are also investors, and have the opportunity to acquire equity as the company grows.

Members are also given exclusive club privileges, including cash dividends, discounted vodka, and invitations to VIP events. The company’s goal is to attract more investors and reach its $1.07 million goal that will help launch the ONE ROQ club platform.

The Mr. Smith team helped create a consistent representation of the brand through design and copy. Starting with paid and organic social content, we wanted the audience to know that ONE ROQ ownership is an attainable luxury. We supported this message with a range of creative assets, from static images to animations. Our in-house photographer captured photos of the ONE ROQ Vodka bottle to help keep the imagery cohesive. We wanted each post to feel alluring – like an exclusive invitation that’s sent directly to a potential investor.

What makes ONE ROQ different from other vodka brands is its dedication to providing current members a unique experience. The Mr. Smith team has helped not only promote club benefits, but also help launch the member portal, which includes an online store, email program, and organic blog content.After consultation and planning it was decided what KPIs would be measured. And through a combination of strategic targeting (utilizing a variety of different audience creation tactics) and a steady stream of creative for testing, we were able to achieve the following results:

Monthly Purchases increased by 45%
Cost Per Purchase decreased by 2%
Purchase Value increased by 29%
Monthly Impressions increased by 54%
CPM decreased by 3%
ROAS increased by 9%
Landing Page Views increased by 83%
Cost Per Landing Page View decreased by 12%

Mr. Smith was chosen as agency partner responsible for overall Strategy, Visual Design, Photo/Video, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Digital Advertising.