Marble +Rye

Modernizing Marble + Rye 2.0
Marble + Rye
A local, culinary staple finds a new vibe.

In the fast-paced realm of gastronomy, Marble + Rye has been a stalwart. However, with changing times, even the most acclaimed brands must evolve to remain resonant. At the crux of their challenge was not just the fierce competition from culinary contemporaries, but the disruptive wave of a global pandemic. The restaurant industry found itself at an unprecedented crossroads, and for M+R, remaining static was not an option.

Recognizing the need for change, they approached Mr. Smith. Their ambition? To metamorphose from a conventional seated restaurant into the city's go-to vivacious hangout spot—a place pulsating with energy, where the clink of glasses harmonized with laughter, all underlined by an exceptional dining experience.

Our task began with redefining the M+R logo. We sought to breathe freshness into it, ensuring the design maintained its heritage but also signified its new dawn. Negative spaces were artfully used to introduce an airy feel, indicative of the brand's aspiration for a relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere.

Venturing further, we looked at the restaurant's very canvas—the interior. We infused it with bold colorways, striking a balance between staying recognizable and signaling the new direction. This aesthetic revamp wasn't just about changing a color palette; it was a strategic move to beckon a younger, more dynamic crowd.

Through our collaboration, Marble + Rye didn't just undergo a brand overhaul; it embraced a rejuvenated spirit. A spirit that said, while we honor our past, we are exuberantly ready for the future. In the city's bustling culinary scene, the new M+R isn't just another eatery—it's an experience waiting to be savored.