Corporate Digital Accessibility Partner
Positioning a non-profit focused on accesibility.

Magnusmode is a nonprofit organization focused on increasing accessibility for people with autism and other cognitive disabilities. Although the company has big plans to diversify their offerings, their main focus when they approached us was their flagship product – MagnusCards.The MagnusCards app is a digital card deck designed to serve as a “coaching” tool to help their target audience enjoy healthier, happier lives.

After thorough discovery and research, we began work on a new identity. The previous iteration of the brand had leveraged a cartoon character that didn’t fit with the direction they wanted to head, however, it remained important to Magnusmode leadership. To maintain those elements of humanity and playfulness, while also helping to better position Magnusmode as a corporate digital accessibility partner, we designed a logo that’s a riff on a classic computer power button turned into a friendly face. We also created a color-based hierarchical system that will allow Magnusmode to easily grow their suite of products while maintaining the brand identity.

Once the identity was finalized, we began work on a new, fully responsive website with a laser-focus on the different core audiences that needed to be satisfied–corporate partners who are the real customers, caregivers who introduce the app to people they care for, and the actual users of the app.

Finally, we created a UI kit for the MagnusCards app, which helped provide a better experience for users and a more comprehensive showcase of the of app’s value for potential corporate partners.

Mr. Smith was chosen as agency partner responsible for Brand Strategy, Website Design & Development, UX/UI Application Design, and Marketing Campaign Rollout.