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Labatt Blue Light Seltzer: Stampede Launch
Labatt USA
Turning a gridiron hero into Labatt's iconic  renewed seltzer.

Labatt USA has long been recognized for brewing some of the finest Canadian pilsners, securing a steadfast place in North America's beer industry with iconic offerings like Blue and Blue Light. However, with the beer market navigating through rough waters, Labatt, like many of its peers, had to think outside the keg and innovate.

In a bold move in 2019, Labatt stepped into the burgeoning market of hard seltzers. Their endeavor culminated in 2021 with the introduction of QB1, a "Bomb Pop"-flavored seltzer, which resonated with the brand's long-standing association with the Buffalo Bills and their star quarterback, Josh Allen, fondly known as QB1. However, sports partnerships can be as unpredictable as the game itself. When the alliance between Allen and the Bills took an unexpected turn in 2022, Labatt found themselves at a crossroad with a seltzer in need of a new identity. Enter "Stampede."

Engaging with Mr. Smith, the journey began with transforming a potential setback into an opportunity.

We aimed to harness the undeniable passion of Buffalo Bills' fans and channel it into revitalizing the beverage's identity. Transitioning from a singular athlete's popularity to the collective fervor of a fanbase meant embracing the essence of the Buffalo Bills' community: unity, strength, and unwavering support.

To capture this spirit, our creative blueprint included a cinematic commercial video, vivid still photography, and distinctive collateral items such as the "hawker tray" and beer cart. The resulting campaign painted the picture of an unstoppable wave of fans, propelling forward with shared enthusiasm, all unified under the rallying cry: "Join the Stampede."

With Mr. Smith's collaboration, Labatt's "Stampede" not only reinvented itself but also reinforced the brand's ability to evolve, adapt, and flourish, echoing the resilience and dedication of the fans it serves.