Labatt USA

Player Partnership: Dawson Knox & Spencer Brown
Labatt USA
Knox & Brown step off the turf and into the light with Blue Light.

The allure of professional athletes lies not just in their game-day performances, but in the unique personas they embody off the field. Labatt USA, having solidified its presence as a premier Canadian pilsner brand in North America, recognized the potential of capturing these off-the-field moments to reinvigorate its brand narrative.

Pairing up with Dawson Knox, the formidable Tight End, and Spencer Brown, the stalwart Offensive Lineman from the Buffalo Bills, our mission was clear: craft campaigns that defied expectations, showcasing these athletes in light-hearted, unexpected scenarios that echo the refreshing experience of a Labatt beer.

Dawson Knox's "Q&A" segment provided fans with humorous insights into his life beyond the gridiron. But the real showstopper was the staged press conference. Playing on the drama of pro-football signings, we staged Knox's "signing" with the Labatt USA team, turning a routine event into a spectacle of jest and camaraderie. The resulting content was not just a nod to Knox's prowess but also a celebration of Labatt's spirit of fun and community.

Similarly, for Spencer Brown, we delved into scenarios that took fans by surprise. Watching an Offensive Lineman navigate comically contrasting situations off the field was a delightful juxtaposition. As part of the campaign, Brown also donned a different hat, promoting the merchandise created by Mr. Smith for Labatt, adding a flair of authenticity and endorsement to the brand's apparel line.

Humor was the cornerstone of these campaigns, but the underpinning message was clear: Labatt USA is more than a beer; it's a brand that understands, celebrates, and resonates with the local Buffalo community. By putting Bills' stars Knox and Brown in these uncharted terrains, Labatt USA strengthened its bond with fans, reminding them that joy, unexpected moments, and a cold beer are always just around the corner.