Labatt USA

Man on the Street
Labatt USA
Dive into tailgates and the heart and humor of gameday antics.

Every Buffalo Bills gameday, the parking lots come alive with passionate fans, sizzling grills, and vibrant team colors. Labatt USA, closely interwoven with the region and the Buffalo Bills through its sponsorship deal, saw an opportunity to amplify this infectious energy even further.

Enter Luke, our outgoing and daring personality, turning typical game days into unforgettable events. In his unmistakable Labatt branded suit and cowboy boots. He was our not-so-secret weapon to engage the tailgating crowd. Luke's mission was simple: bring laughs, create unforgettable moments, and of course, dive deep into fans' love for beer.

During Buffalo Bills games, he'd dive deep into the tailgating crowd, challenging fans with off-the-cuff questions about the day's matchups, their favorite players, and their game predictions, all while tying it back to their love for Labatt.

At Buffalo Sabres games, and you'd find Luke lighting up the stands. Navigating the energy of the game, Luke's interactions during breaks and between periods became legendary. Whether he was pulling fans into impromptu dance-offs, teasing them over their player jerseys, or conducting a speedy beer-tasting challenge, Luke ensured the audience was thoroughly entertained, even when the ice was momentarily still.

However, these humorous interactions weren't just for laughs. Every encounter was carefully crafted, produced, and edited to generate a surge of social media engagement. Both Buffalo Bills and Sabres fans eagerly shared, liked, and commented, creating a wave of digital interactions that underscored Labatt USA's significant place in the local sports community.

Our "Man on the Street" segments were strategic, fun-filled initiatives, embedding Labatt USA even deeper into the heart of the sports scene in Buffalo. Through Luke's vibrant interventions, the brand was elevated beyond a beverage, becoming an intrinsic part of the Buffalo sporting culture and experience that fans reveled in, both in person and online.