Labatt USA

Lemonade Seltzer Campaign
Labatt USA
Launching a new product category for a beloved beer brand.

Labatt Blue and Blue Light have long been staples for enthusiastic beer drinkers in Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, Rochester, Pittsburgh, and other Northeastern cities in the United States. But with recent changes in consumer behavior, Labatt has had to innovate to stay relevant with the market. This innovation began with the 2020 launch of a line of flavored hard seltzers and continued to evolve in 2021 with the advent of Labatt Blue Light Seltzer Lemonades.

We were tasked with helping the Labatt team launch a social media awareness campaign in anticipation of the Lemonade Seltzer release. From the onset, the client stressed that the competitive advantage of their product was “it actually tastes good.” With that note and our deeper understanding of the brand’s “Everyman” ethos and “good-natured Canadian humor” approach, we developed and executed the Flavorist concept.

Expressed through a series of brief video vignettes and static image assets, our Flavorist set and supporting assets leverage a clean white laboratory set juxtaposed with the vibrant colors of the LBL Seltzer Lemonades. The zany antics of the Flavorist put emphasis on real, fresh fruit flavor in an irreverent way that reinforces the brand’s values while making it clear that they intend to win on taste.

Mr. Smith was chosen as agency partner responsible for Art Direction, Visual Assets, Photography, Videography, and Social Media.