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A Natural Brand Relationship: Beer and Hockey
Labatt USA
Creating brand authentic content for social engagement.

Labatt Blue is a brand with proudly Canadian roots. And with the possible exception of maple syrup, is there anything more Canadian than hockey?

Drinking some Blues after a day on the frozen pond behind your buddy's house. Going to your favorite watering hole after a beer league practice at the rink. Sitting in the stands and cheering for your favorite team with an arena beer in hand. Cracking one in the locker room as you hoist the cup. Hockey and Blue just go together.

Leveraging this natural brand affinity was a slam dunk for social media content creation, and provided a natural seasonal pivot point to help maintain the momentum from our Buffalo Bills-focused efforts that lasted through the team's playoff run.

With a single efficient shoot day, we captured a wide range of hockey-centric social media assets to be used strategically over the winter/early-spring period. Still images, videos, GIFs, animations...we got them all. From ideation through execution and ultimately deployment, we created several suites of separate but related content that comfortably reinforced an important brand identity for the client.

Mr. Smith was chosen as agency partner responsible for Art Direction, Visual Assets, Production, and Social Media.