Hatchets & Hops

Revamping Recreation: A Digital Transformation
Hatchets & Hops
Elevating experience through a redesigned digital platform.

When Hatchets & Hops first approached Mr. Smith with the vision of making axe throwing a recreational phenomenon, the concept was uncharted territory in the region. From our initial branding collaboration in 2017, we understood the brand's core essence and its potential.

Fast forward, the challenge presented to us recently was twofold: improve the overall user experience of their website and introduce an eCommerce platform to sell merchandise. With a growing user base and brand recognition, it was crucial for Hatchets & Hops to ensure their digital presence mirrored the quality of their on-ground experiences.

Building upon the brand identity established earlier, our design team sought to restructure the website's user interface, ensuring seamless navigation and intuitive interactions. A significant focus was given to providing clarity about the reservation process, showcasing the uniqueness of each of their three locations, and highlighting seasonal events.

On the eCommerce front, the goal was to turn website visitors into customers, not just for reservations but also for brand merchandise. By integrating a robust eCommerce platform, we enabled fans of Hatchets & Hops to shop for branded goods, further enhancing brand loyalty.

The redesigned website became more than just a digital space; it evolved into an extension of what Hatchets & Hops offers in person. It served both as an introduction for newcomers and a familiar community space for loyal patrons.

From a mere concept of recreational axe throwing to a multi-location enterprise with a solid digital footprint, Hatchets & Hops, in collaboration with Mr. Smith, has showcased how innovation, both in service and digital realms, can pave the way for unmatched success.