Gavigan & Gruppo

The G&G Brand Revival
Gavigan & Gruppo
Blending high-end interior design with elite branding.

In the realm of interior design, brand aesthetics should echo the meticulous attention and finesse that go into each project. Gavigan & Gruppo, a top-tier design duo with a decade-long shared passion for high-quality furnishings and curated spaces, approached Mr. Smith with an objective – to craft a brand identity that would resonate with their fashion-forward clientele, who seek "the look" rather than "the look for less."

To mirror G&G's dedication to unique and luxurious spaces, our team embarked on a journey to construct an emblematic typographic logo mark. Emphasizing traditionalism and textural depth, the serif-based mark was precision-crafted, exuding a sense of maturity, timelessness, and attention to detail. It stands as a testament to G&G's meticulousness and bespoke approach in the vast world of interior design.

However, a brand is more than its logo. To further encapsulate the elegance of G&G, we embarked on a meticulous journey of architectural photography. Through our lens, we highlighted the nuances and intricacies that make Gavigan and Gruppo's designs stand apart, capturing every stitch, every hue, every texture.

All these facets came together in a digital masterpiece. The curated website, designed and developed by Mr. Smith, serves as a portal into G&G's world, allowing potential clients to seamlessly navigate portfolio projects and grasp the company's unparalleled capability in sourcing and harmonizing high-end materials.

In partnership with Gavigan & Gruppo, Mr. Smith didn't just design a brand; we encapsulated a legacy.