Fountain Plaza

A Renewed Pulse for a Downtown Commercial Building
Fountain Plaza
Rediscovering a local landmark's new vibrancy.

Buffalo, with its unique charm, may not boast the sprawling skyscrapers typical of metropolises, but it holds iconic landmarks that stand tall in its city's narrative. One such notable structure is Fountain Plaza, formerly recognized as Key Center. When the edifice was purchased and chosen as the new headquarters for the local real estate powerhouse, Ciminelli Real Estate, it was evident that this wasn't just a change in ownership. It was the dawn of a new era for a Buffalo landmark.

Ciminelli Real Estate didn't just envision Fountain Plaza as another office space. They dreamt of it as a manifestation of their brand, a beacon that demonstrates how Buffalo is more than capable of "big city" development. The challenge presented to Mr. Smith was significant – transform a known entity into a dazzling emblem that captures this vision.

We started with the Brand Identity. Inspired by Buffalo's resilience and Fountain Plaza's architectural distinctiveness, a new logo was crafted. The design, while modern, incorporated elements that paid homage to Buffalo's rich history and Fountain Plaza's iconic status.

Signage Design followed suit. Clear, bold, and unmistakably contemporary, the signage wasn't just informational. It was a statement, declaring Fountain Plaza's refreshed identity with confidence.

A story this grand demanded a cinematic treatment. Through Video Production, we encapsulated the journey of Fountain Plaza, from its Key Center days to its current glory, showcasing Ciminelli Real Estate's pivotal role in its metamorphosis.

Wayfinding became an integral part of the experience. Thoughtfully designed, it ensured that visitors and occupants navigated the premises with ease, reinforcing the plaza's renewed ambiance at every turn.

Experiential Design brought everything together. Spaces within Fountain Plaza were not just functional; they told a story. From the lobby to meeting rooms, every corner was meticulously crafted to echo the plaza's new identity and Ciminelli's vision.

The transformation was not just in aesthetics but in spirit, which didn't go unnoticed. The efforts culminated in Fountain Plaza receiving the Silver American Advertising Award in 2021, a testament to the successful reimagining of a Buffalo treasure.

In conclusion, Fountain Plaza stands as a reminder that with vision, passion, and collaboration, city landmarks can be reborn, making statements that resonate beyond their physical boundaries. For Mr. Smith, it was an honor to be a part of this transformation, crafting a narrative that will be etched in Buffalo's skyline for years to come.