Creating a B2C brand out of a B2B product.

UP2U is a functional nutritional beverage concept borne of the Mr. Smith team’s work with Lactalis Ingredients, a division of an international leader in the production of various dairy and dairy-adjacent products.

The Lactalis Ingredients team developed an innovative new powdered protein (a true native whey protein) that offered enhanced benefits over its competitors in metrics like purity, potency, and deliciousness. Traditionally, this powdered protein would be sold as a premium ingredient to other protein supplement companies who can then tout the efficacy of their brand.

But in this instance, Lactalis Ingredients wanted to do more than just license the use of their revolutionary native whey protein. Enter Mr. Smith.

Through a series of brand discovery workshops and exercises, we developed a strategy that created a drink concept that was fit for “every body.” Runners, cyclists, weightlifters, generally active people who care about being healthy…all of these groups and more can benefit from the functional improvements of the native whey protein. What do you want to use the benefits of efficient, healthy protein ingestion for? It’s UP2U.

After dialing in the brand messaging and target audiences, we embarked upon a journey to express these ideals in the visual brand identity. Our Studio team created a mosaic concept that leveraged bright colors, interchangeable design elements, and a focus on the freedom of movement afforded to you by the benefits of UP2U. The resulting assets were utilized for advertising concepts, packaging concepts, apparel ideas, and more.

Mr. Smith was chosen as agency partner responsible for Brand Identity, Packaging Design, and Art Direction.