Promoting a high-profile brand for a local market.

The flagship North Face store at High Point Business Park in Rochester, NY is a vital extension of the overall North Face brand. The global company carefully curated the retail space to be a vibrant reflection of their value proposition and ethos and chose High Point as its home because of the quality of the location and the opportunity inherent in embracing a certain amount of retail density.

To launch the store in the local community, North Face and High Point turned to the Mr. Smith team for help designing a collateral set that gave appropriate weight to both brands without sacrificing quality or creativity.

The poster was the pinnacle of this project. Working with The North Face corporate team, the Fall Bash poster was the main marketing piece of the event.

Through a thorough investigation of possible creative interpretations of collateral like patches, stickers, and promotional event signage, Mr. Smith was ultimately able to provide true value to both brands and help them move forward into a bright future of retail success.

Mr. Smith was chosen as agency partner responsible for Promotional Event Design and Art Direction.