Marble +Rye

New American Cuisine and Craft Cocktails
Marble + Rye
New American cuisine and craft cocktails in an upscale, casual setting.

Marble + Rye turned to the our team to ensure that their visual brand and identity was reflective of their ethos and consistently presented at every turn – the website, photography, print collateral, video production, and even the interior design of the restaurant itself.

With the extremely detail-oriented approach to both cuisine and cocktails, we knew that it was imperative to develop a photography style that effectively highlighted this mastery of craft. By utilizing this visual language, the Mr. Smith team was able to create a social media strategy that was in line with the core tenets of the brand.

For a new restaurant, it’s imperative that every detail of the brand is on point to create an image of competence and trustworthiness. If people don’t trust that they’ll have a pleasantly memorable experience, then they’re unlikely to break their routine and try something new. As we developed the M+R website, we worked painstakingly to ensure that every element of the site was as refined and user-friendly as the overall restaurant experience.

The team was thrilled with the work from concept to execution and has been in business for over 4 years. In addition to building the brand itself, Mr. Smith has also taken on a digital strategy role for the restaurant increased weekly revenue by 30% using highly targeted video-based Social Media Advertising (Facebook and Instagram) to promote a “Burger and Beer” special. Traffic for the campaign increased by 50% and average order rose roughly 60%. The result is a 47% increase in weekly Wednesday revenues (over $75,769 total YTD).

Mr. Smith was chosen as agency partner responsible for Brand Identity, Visual Assets, Stationery, Menu, Interior Design Consulting, Photography, Videography, UX/UI, and Website Design and Development.